This is a cocktail list that is truely loved. 

We have brought together our favorite cocktails from our many restaurants and added a few new ones influenced by the gorgeousness of the Mediterranean..

Nothing much to do but choose and enjoy!
Cocktails $15
Pear and Elderflower Spritzer 
Fresh and floal
white wine, elderflower, pear juice, soda water 
Served over ice
Turkish delight
Floral light and delightful
vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, montenegro, rosewater, Turkish delight 
Shaken and served as a martini
Rose and strawberry elixir
Gin, rose water, strawberries,
tonic water
Elegance in a glass
Served over ice
 Aperol gin sour
Mediterranean twist on a Peruvian classic
Aperol, gin, egg white, bitters
Shaken with ice
 Summer bellini
Light & classy
Raspberries, processo
 Lychee martini
Light, effervescent
lychee liqueur, lychees
 Pomegranate cosmo 
vodka, triple sec
pomegrante juice, lime
 Aprol spritz
A perfect ‘aperitivo’
Prosecco, Aperol, soda water
An Italian classic
 Lemon drop
Lemony and sweet
Limoncello, vodka, lemon
soda water

Ambrosias’ G & T
A posh gin & tonic
gin, sweet vermouth,
peach bitters, berries

Ambrosias’ sparkling Chambord sangria
Sweet and refreshing
moscato, chambord, apple juice,
lemon, lime, fruit

Espresso martini
As it should be.  Bold and delicate.
vanilla vodka, kahlua, espresso
Shaken with ice

Strawberry margarita
tequila, strawberry liqueur, strawberries,
mint, lemon juice, lime juice

Pomegranate caprioska
Our twist on a simple classic 
vodka, pomegrante juice, pomegrante seeds,
limes, mint. Served long over ice

Watermelon and rosewater elixir
A match made in heaven. 
vanilla vodka,
watermelon, rosewater
Shaken with ice

Lychee mojito
Sweet sour and everything
in between
white rum, lychee, limes, mint
Served tall over ice

Mediterranean apple pie
Tequila, butterscotch schnapps,
apple cider, lemon juice,
cinnamon sugar
Like a martini but better!

Greek mojito 
A Greek twist on a Cuban classic
metaxa, limes, mint
Served long over ice